“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
.- Robert Collier

When you are ready to overcome your addiction and embrace the rewards of sober living, the thing you need to do is look for professional assistance. When you are ready to get sober, having a talented support staff around you can make all the difference. A drug rehab center is the vehicle you need to take the journey of sobriety. At Alpha substance abuse treatment facility in Philadelphia, you will discover a warm, secure environment where you can take on the hard yet fulfilling work of beating drug addiction.


Getting Clean with Supervised Detox

One of the most difficult steps on the road to recovery is going through the withdrawal process. When you come into our Philadelphia drug detox clinic, you will enter a safe place where you will be monitored closely while you are going through the symptoms. It is so much easier and more effective to undergo a managed detox than trying to go through it alone. Make the choice to go through withdrawal safely and comfortably at Alpha addiction recovery center in Philadelphia.

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Discovering the Treatment Plan That’s Right for You


There are many roads to drug addiction recovery. There is no single path that everyone must take. At our drug rehab facility in Philadelphia, we work closely with clients to help determine the right treatment path to take. We will create an individualized treatment plan for you that will give you the best chances of a successful recovery. As you go through our Philadelphia addiction recovery program, we will work with you to comprehensively adjust your treatment plan to keep you moving towards a rewarding sober life.


Treating You with Dual Diagnosis


One of the most important developments in addiction treatment is the move towards the dual diagnosis mental health. The fact is that half the people who suffer from an addiction also have an underlying mental illness that complicates their recovery. If these mental health issues are not addressed, it is almost inevitable that the client will suffer a relapse down the road. At Alpha addiction treatment facility in Philadelphia, we make sure our clients who need help with mental health problems get the assistance they need to maximize the chances they will stay sober indefinitely.


Creating a Safe Haven


Inside drug rehab centers, it is important to create a feeling of complete safety. When you enter our Philadelphia addiction treatment center, you will feel secure from the moment you arrive. We do everything in our power to make sure you always feel safe while you’re with us. This feeling of security is essential if you are going to be able to open up and share your life with staff therapists as well as other clients who you attend group therapy with.


Leaning on the Group


Group therapy is the backbone of addiction treatment. The people who attend group sessions at Alpha addiction recovery facility will become as close to you as you work through your problems together. You will have the opportunity to share your innermost thoughts and feeling with the other clients in group therapy. Together you will learn how to identify the causes of addiction and how to fight the temptation to use drugs again.


Aftercare to Ensure Success


When you leave our substance abuse treatment facility in Philadelphia, you will be vulnerable to relapse if you are not careful. For this reason, we offer a wide range of aftercare programs to make sure our clients get all the support they need as they transition back to their daily lives. Staying strong and keeping sober is a lot easier when you have backup, and we make sure to provide all the guidance and support necessary.


If you are ready to get on the road to recovery, come see us at our Philadelphia addiction treatment center. Alpha provides you all the support you need to achieve your goal of living a lifetime of a clear head and sober thoughts. Come experience the period that will change your life. You won’t regret it.

We are passionate about helping people overcome their addiction. Alpha Drug Rehabilitation Center will be here for you throughout your journey of sobriety.


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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –
Theodore Roosevelt