“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
.- Robert Collier

The first step in addiction recovery is admitting that you have a problem you can’t control. Often, clients at Alpha substance abuse treatment facility spent a lot of time prior to admission downplaying the effects of their addiction to their loved ones and themselves. Many people won’t even admit that they have a problem at all.


Seeking treatment is the best way to end the cycle of addiction for good. At our drug rehab facility in Brooklyn, New York we know addiction is a disease rather than a character flaw. Addiction recovery is possible! It all begins with honesty. You must tell us the truth and admit it to yourself, no matter how painful it is. If you have the courage to do so, you can beat this once and for all.


For most clients, recovery begins with a trip to Alpha drug detox clinic. We will help you detoxify in as safe and comfortable manner as possible. Our expert staff will be monitoring you constantly to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We know how important it is to oversee the process closely to ensure you eliminate your dependence. Detox is essential to the process and is the launching pad to a life free of addiction.

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Once detox is complete, you will transition to our addiction recovery facility in Brooklyn. Battling addiction should not be done alone. You need a support structure we can help provide. We will sit down with you and work out a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Every single client has a different plan that works best for their unique situation.


The staff at our Brooklyn addiction treatment facility is honored to support you during this process. Every client who enters Alpha addiction treatment center is made to feel at home. Our staff truly cares about helping each client heal and learn new skills. Safety of our clients is a top priority. Our facility is safe, secure, and quiet. It is the perfect place to reflect and rebuild.


There is always hope for recovery. You will follow the steps of your plan by attending groups, individual counseling, and 12-step meetings. As you do so, you will find that our clients form a supportive community. They know better than anyone what you are going through. Our clients support each other and achieve great things together. You will be in a judgment-free and confidential zone where you can finally let everything off of your chest. We’ve heard it all, there is no need to hold back.


Once you complete our addiction recovery program in Brooklyn, you will enter into an aftercare program. Throughout treatment, but especially in this phase, you will learn ways to handle stress and triggers that can help prevent a relapse. We give our clients a sturdy foundation and the tools needed to stay sober after they have left the facilities.


Sobriety is a process that will last a lifetime. Once you are back in the world, you should attend our weekly support meetings to help keep you going. You will have the opportunity to hone your coping skills and to get advice from people who know what you are going through. This is how permanent change can occur. We offer our clients results that last.


If you or someone you love is ready to take a step towards recovery, please contact Alpha today and speak with a counselor right away!

We are passionate about helping people overcome their addiction. Alpha Drug Rehabilitation Center will be here for you throughout your journey of sobriety.


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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –
Theodore Roosevelt