“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
.- Robert Collier

Better Drug Detox Clinic Results than You Can Imagine


You can achieve more effective results than you can imagine with the professional help of an addiction recovery center. Alpha Drug Rehab in Miami, Florida understands the overwhelming frustration you may be experiencing as you try to overcome an addiction on your own. You probably feel lost and alone. But, you are not the only one enduring this. There is a community of experts and clients are ready to help you in a judgment-free and confidential environment at our addiction treatment center in Miami.


Each case of addiction is unique and carries challenges and pains that affect the individual’s emotions, employment opportunities, schooling, parents, children, relationships with friends, and so much more. Alpha substance abuse treatment center in Miami is here to listen, to assist you in healing what is broken, and restoring what hasn’t yet been lost. It’s time to admit that you can’t and don’t need to do this alone. You can be empowered and find the inner strength you need to overcome the obstacle of addiction.

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Addiction recovery is unique to each man and woman and it is not based on age, education, or career. No one is immune to addiction. Each case is individually assessed during an initial consultation at Alpha drug rehab facility, and a recovery plan will be designed to meet the client’s specific recovery needs. Drug rehab treatment is based on:


  • Drug or substance being abused
  • Severity of addiction
  • Length of addiction
  • Coexisting mental health issues


Addiction is a result connected to various substances, the type of addiction will be an important component in the recovery plan. The severity of abuse, drug of choice, length of abuse, co-existing mental health issues, any previous addiction recovery care, and previous relapses will be considered by your case manager and the professional team that oversees your recovery at Alpha addiction recovery program in Miami.


Co-existing mental health issues may be the root cause of your addiction. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental issues that are untreated or undiagnosed may be exacerbating the addiction. Once you receive the necessary treatment, you will be able to overcome your addiction was and for all.




Dual diagnosis mental health treatment may be the answer that you have been missing. When depression, mental health, and physical stress are overlooked during treatment, relapse can occur. Dual diagnosis treatment provides the tools needed to succeed during and after the initial treatment. Maintaining indefinite sobriety is the goal at Alpha addiction treatment center in Miami.


The unified care of mental health and addiction therapy provides the most effective outcome. It is carried out by surrounding the individual with a core network of support that should continue to prosper after leaving our Miami drug rehab facility. Long-term sobriety is a goal that is best achieved with a core network of overlapping therapeutic counseling, mental health treatment, and comprehensive addiction care. Aftercare will continue the work that is accomplished during a 30, 60 or 90-day inpatient treatment plan.


Why is Supervised Detox Better?


Drug rehab centers are better than withdrawal drug centers, because supervised detox provides compassionate care with minimized symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment. Once a detox is completed, the next steps for recovery and treatment will begin. Those who have completed a supervised detox, rather than withdrawal, are emotionally strengthened and able to take the necessary steps towards lasting sobriety.


Better Addiction Recovery Facility Therapy


Traditional therapy is combined with holistic methods that introduce healthy coping skills and tools for lasting sobriety. Meditation, yoga, hiking, and other tranquil physical activities stimulate inner-healing and promote positive coping skills to alleviate stress.


Group, individual, and family therapy are used at our Miami addiction treatment facility for sharing, learning, and mending. A healthy bond with supportive team members provides a community atmosphere that produces better results than you may imagine.


Hope is right around the corner at Alpha substance abuse treatment facility in Miami. Call today to learn more about the drug-free future you can adopt with guidance and determination.

We are passionate about helping people overcome their addiction. Alpha Drug Rehabilitation Center will be here for you throughout your journey of sobriety.


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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –
Theodore Roosevelt