Welcome to Alpha Drug Rehabilitation Center

We aim to help those individuals who are ready to put an end to their drug addiction and are ready to start a new, sober life.


We offer effective customized addiction recovery programs that are tailored to each and every client.

Drug Detox

The detox process will be carefully monitored for your safety and comfort. It is important to break the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Relapse Prevention and Care

We will help you identify triggers so you can better understand them. We will also help you develop coping mechanisms to help you stay on top of your sobriety.

Addiction Therapy

You will work one-on-one with our therapist to unearth any internal issues you may have been caused by your drug use. You will learn how to overcome these issues.

Intervention Services

If you have a loved one in denial, we have a team of professionals that will help you properly plan and execute an effective intervention.

Treatment centers nationwide

To help the growing demand in our country, we have treatment centers throughout America. Contact our team of addiction specialists today for more information.

Interdisciplinary Treatment

With addiction recovery techniques and technologies constantly advancing, we are open to and practice interdisciplinary treatment.

Group Therapy

Group therapy may be the most valuable aspect of recovery at one of our addiction treatment centers. The communal support you receive from people with similar challenges will prove to be inspirational and extremely helpful. They will teach you new ways of coping as well as tactics to avoid triggers and remain sober long-term. The experience your fellow peers have is one of the most important things you will benefit from at our drug rehabs.

Therapy is what follows detox and it will continue for an extended period. Individual therapy allows you to open up to a therapist in a confidential scenario. The expert will work you to find out what has led you to enrolling at a drug rehab and what we can do to prevent that you ever come back here. This is largely due to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. A dual diagnosis is when a person is living with both an addiction and an underlying mental illness. This comprises nearly half of all addiction and is the leading cause of relapse. To fully treat your substance dependence, we must first address whatever is ailing you. With your source of the problem under control, we can move on to treating your addiction.

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